Guest Appearances

These video interviews and guest appearances are sure to leave you inspired and entertained! 

Learn when the right time to ask for a blowjob is, why threesomes will ruin your relationship, and where the legendary throat goat status came from in this episode of blog talk radio.

Interview with Nolan of the Inspirational Journeys podcast located in South Africa.  In this discussion, we talk about my survival story, self acceptance, and living life with intent.

I join Positive Impact TV with a panel of fellow business owners to talk about business strategies, healing through healing others, and learning from others failures. 

Interview with Liaba Ahmad of Changing the Paradigm, located in Saudi Arabia, we talk about being an entrepreneur, mental health, future goals, and tips for starting a business.

In this interview with the ladies of Madness Cafe, we cover a wide range of topics including boundaries, BPD, shame spirals, NDAs and more!

In this interview with Brian from B-Line Entertainment, we talk about comedy, the difference between a hoe, whore, and slut and more!

In this interview with Kyle from the Vibes Podcast Network, we talk about the realities of being a parent with mental health conditions, comedy, and the Mentally Kill Project.

In this interview with Jim of the Addicts Anonymous Podcast, we share our stories of struggling with addiction, and sobriety.

In a fun episode with Ms. Gnac of the Girl Talk with Ms. Gnac podcast, we go over 10 types of men and decide whether to keep them or leave them. 

In this interview with Andre of The Other Podcast, we talk about the Mentally Kill Project and struggling with mental health.

In a fun interview with World of Red Media, we play "That would be a negative", where we give different scenarios for children, women, and men in which we would consider a negative! Witness the birth of 'wet sock energy' and more!

In this interview with Brandon Green of the Lets Go Brandon Podcast, located in Australia, we talk about the Hoe Handbook, speaking up about trauma, and more!

In this interview with Michael Herst of the Before You Go Podcast, we talk about what its like to be a trauma survivor, comedian, mental health advocate, and business owner. 

In this episode of Puss Cee Talks podcast by Cee El, I join the panel and give my advice on different 'Dear Santa' submissions by followers. From sleeping with the babysitter to bald headed baby daddy stealers, its always a wild time!

In this episode of the Cult of Us Podcast, I join fellow comedians Neil and Adam in a wacky and wild conversation. We discuss an only fans for neils weird nipples, favorite porn categories, jerking off to the Got Milk ads, and Adam's undiagnosed PTSD.