The Hoe Handbook

How to Please and Be Pleasing 

The Hoe Handbook began as a palm sized book I used during my "slut phase" in college to take notes of my experiences with love, sex, and social situations. I have always enjoyed studying the behaviors and perspectives of others, and shortly after college I began teaching classes at an adult club on how to better please your partner. During this time I continued my research and  compiled enough information to form a guide to sex and relationships for anyone like me who didn't have any kind of sex education or came from a home that didnt provide an example of what love is. The original Hoe Handbook was published in 2011, but was taken out of publication in 2020 when I began my comedy career. Since then, I have been revising my Hoe Handbook to provide even more 'Handbook Handies' to the other Sams and  Samanthas of the world. It is in the final editing stages and will be available for purchase in June of 2023.